Stage Name: Dino (디노)
Real Name: Lee Chan (이찬)
Nickname: Mr. Bagpack, Side Dish
Team: Performance
Birthdate: February 11, 1999
Blood Type: A
Education: Sangbong Middle School
Height: 160cm
Weight: 54kg
Hometown: Iksan-si, Jeollakbu-do
Shoe Size: 250mm
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius


His role model is Michael Jackson. He listens to “Beat It” a lot and says “Billie Jean” is a song that describes him and gives him a lot of energy.
He’s the one who talked at the end of Seventeen TV Ver. 3 Teaser.
His favorite holiday is Sunday.
He has never been to a foreign country before. He wants to live in Korea forever.
He likes fried squid with spicy sauce.
He’s a heavy sleeper. He likes to hug things when he sleeps.
He wishes he was taller.
His favorite fruits are apple and grape.
He has a younger brother.
He’s envious of Mingyu’s height.
He’s one of the members with the worst sleeping habits.
His ideal type is a pretty girl who does aegyo.
He is a fan of EXO.
He is the shortest member of the group.
His stage name is an abbreviation of the word Dinosaur. It was given to him because he will dominate the stage.


Seventeen TV Ver.3 Teaser هو الذي تكلم في نها
عطلة نهاية اباسيوع المفضله له هي الاحد
لم يسبق له ان يكون في بلد اجنبية يريد ان يعيش في كوريا ب
يحب الحبار المقلي مع صلصة التوابل
نومه ثقيل ، يحب ان يحضن اشياء وهو نائم
انه يتمنى لو كان اطول
اكله المفضل هو التفاح والعنب
لديه اخ اصغر منه
MinGyu على طوله يحسد
انه من الاعضاء الاسوء في عادات النوم
aegyo نوعه من الفتيات التي جميلة وبتعمل
هو معجب باكسو
هو اقصر عضو في الفريق
اعطيت له لانه سوف يسيطر على المسرح Dinosaurاسمه اختصار لكلمة ديناصور


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